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2020 NHL Draft Breakdown

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2020 NHL Draft Lottery Phase One

This year’s draft lottery will be done much differently than in the past. Phase one of the 2020 NHL draft lottery will take place on June 26. It will draw the top three draft selections. 15 teams will have a chance at picking first overall. Including seven teams that did not qualify for the 24-team format. Along with eight teams that lose the “play-in” round. If three of the seven non-qualification-round teams land the three top picks, the lottery ends there.

Lottery Odds for the 2020 NHL Draft

1. Detroit Red Wings: 18.5%

2. Ottawa Senators: 13.5%

3. Ottawa Senators (via San Jose Sharks): 11.5%

4. Los Angeles Kings: 9.5%

5. Anaheim Ducks: 8.5%

6. New Jersey Devils: 7.5%

7. Buffalo Sabres: 6.5%

8. Team A: 6.0%

9. Team B: 5.0%

10. Team C: 3.5%

11. Team D: 3.0%

12. Team E: 2.5%

13. Team F: 2.0%

14. Team G: 1.5%

15. Team H: 1.0%

Phase Two

The problem is, eight teams will still be unknown during phase one. Therefore, eight placeholders will be used. However, if any “placeholders” land a top-three pick, phase two becomes necessary. A second phase lottery features the eight teams eliminated in the “play-in” round. The team that wins that lottery, will, therefore, get the highest “placeholder” spot. All teams participating will have the same odds.

With that in mind, this is a personal list of the top prospects available.

Top 10 Prospects:

1) Alexis Lafreniere, LW6’1-192lbs/ Rimouski Oceanic (QMJHL)

The point-producing forward is extremely dangerous in one-on-one situations. Scores in a variety of ways, thanks to exceptional hands, shooting, and playmaking. Likewise, Lafreniere makes those around him better with his creativity, excelling at hiding intentions, while consequently making tape to tape passes through the slot and in dangerous areas.

2) Quinton Byfield, C / 6’5-215lbs/ Sudbury Wolves (OHL)

Potentially the highest ceiling player in this draft, Byfield is a big center with a combination of power, speed, and skill. The combination of quick hands and long reach makes for exceptional puck-protection. A lot of hype comes from his intimidating size, but equally with skating and puck skills. For instance a great passer and shooter, Byfield processes the game fast. As a result, the upside will be hard for a team to pass on.

3) Marco Rossi, C / 5’9-179lbs/ Ottawa (OHL)

A super hard worker and a constant battler, Rossi is slightly undersized but can pile up points, while also playing a responsible defensive game. The center has great puck skills, high IQ and is exceptional on the man-advantage. The Austrian is great at both ends of the ice. For example, he ranks among the OHL’s smartest players, best playmakers, best defensive forwards, and top penalty killers. Nevertheless, if teams avoid Rossi because of his size, they will regret it and sooner rather then later.

4) Lucas Raymond, LW / 5’10-165lbs/ Frolunda (SHL)

An explosive player who is equally dangerous with his shot or pass, Raymond is a very well-rounded and highly skilled winger. For example, he has an exceptional hockey IQ, slick hands, great speed and plays with intensity. Specifically, a strong wrist shot, excellent vision along with a good two-way game. The lack of ice time this year has reduced some hype, but Raymond’s skill set is too much for many teams to pass on.

5) Jamie Drysdale, D / 5’11-165lbs/ Erie (OHL)

A very good puck-moving defenseman and an amazing skater, especially backward, Drysdale looks like he could skate forever. To illustrate, it makes him hard to beat in one-on-ones because he is so fast. Drysdale has a very high hockey IQ. In particular, he excels defensively with an active stick while also making great outlet passes and joining the rush.

6) Alexander Holtz, RW / 6’0-183lbs/ Djurgarden (SHL)

A natural goal scorer with a quick release. Holtz is a very good skater and plays hard. For instance, the Swede is extremely accurate and can score on the rush or standing still. He is excellent at making himself available for shooting opportunities. Holtz is a very smart player, meaning he can create plays for his teammates or put the puck in himself.

7) Tim Stutzle, LW / 5’11-165lbs / Adler Mannheim (DEL)

Very competitive, agile on the ice, with quick feet. A shifty skater who can stop on a dime and change directions with ease. Also, this German is an elite playmaker and stick handler. Due to exceptional puck control, high hockey IQ, Stutzle is poised with the puck and can make hard passes in dangerous areas. It could be argued that Stutzle will be picked higher.

 8) Anton Lundell, C /6’1-187lbs / HIFK (LIIGA)

Already having two solid seasons in LIIGA under his belt, Lundell is elite at positioning, working well with or without the puck to put himself in the right spot. The two-way center is tough to knock off the cycle, he can protect the puck well. Has a quick release and finds teammates in traffic. Particularly Lundell plays a mature game and is effective at both ends. 

9) Seth Jarvis, RW / 5’10-172lbs / Portland (WHL)

A fantastic skater, Jarvis moves effortlessly on the ice. The Manitoba native is exceptional at attacking off the rush, using skill and speed for example to make life hard on defenders. Additionally, Jarvis has a good hockey brain and makes very few mistakes. Granted the elite playmaking, stickhandling, and shooting, Jarvis is great offensively. However, he shows the potential for possessing a good defensive game.

10) Yaroslav Askarov, G / 6’3-176lbs / SKA-Neva (VHL)

Said to be the best goaltending prospect since Carey Price. Askarov has been dominant thus far in his young career. The Russian is very talented creating a lot of hype over the past few seasons.  Hence the quick development at both the junior and professional levels. This goaltending prospect has caught the eyes of many scouts.

Honorable Mentions for the 2020 NHL Draft:

Cole Perfetti 

Rodin Amirov 

Dawson Mercer

Lukas Reichel

Noel Gunler



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