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A look back at the Minnesota Vikings 2015 Draft Class

It has been 5 years since the 2015 NFL draft, These players have now moved on to their 2nd professional contracts so today we will take a look back at the Minnesota Vikings 2015 draft.


Round 1: The Pick: DB Trae Waynes


I would like to start out by saying by no means is Trae Waynes a bust but he did not live up to his draft status. Over his 5 seasons in Minnesota Trae Waynes accumulated 247 tackles 7 interceptions and 42 defended passes. However Trae played his best in his 2nd and 3rd seasons. They gave him a starting role in those seasons and picked up 5 interceptions and 22 defended passes. However over the last two seasons his play dropped off recording 2 interceptions and 16 passes defended. The most concerning stats with Trae over the last two seasons was in 2018 the 63.8% completion rate which jumped up in 2019 to a unsightly 74%. It is safe to say Trae played a key piece in his first three seasons in Minnesota he fell off towards the end. Safe to say it was a good choice to let him go considering the 14 million a year he received.


Where he is now: Cincinnati Bengals

2020 Draft Grade: C+

Who the pick should have been: DB Byron Jones


Round 2: The Pick: LB Eric Kendricks


Kendricks has been the the Vikings defacto linebacker ever since he was drafted. He has totaled 532 tackles with 9 sacks and 4 interceptions along with another 4 forced fumbles and 4 fumble returns. Kendrics is not only one of the games most sure tacklers he is a ELITE pass defender. That is not an exaggeration. He led all linebackers in passes defended this past season allowing just a 53.3 completion percentage forcing 21.9% of passes his way to become a incompletion. This is also not a one off thing. Kendricks has been a top pass defending linebacker for the last few years and has improved his game which each passing year. 

Where he is now:Minnesota Vikings

2020 Draft Grade:A

Who the pick should have been: LB Eric Kendricks


Round 3: The Pick: DE Danielle Hunter


Danielle Hunter was the best draft choice in the 2015 NFL draft. I cannot find a player i could call the best pick besides this man. It is not often a third round draft choice who recorded 4 and a half sacks in college football develops into a widely regarded top defensive end in the NFL. Since his rookie season Danielle Hunter has recorded 54 and half sacks over 5 seasons nearly a average of 11 sacks a season. Not only is Hunter a Sack machine he is a sure tackler this last season he missed on just 2.8% of his tackles. I’ll say it again for the people in the back. Best choice of the 2015 draft one of the biggest steals in recent draft history.

Where is he now: Minnesota Vikings 

2020 Draft Grade: A+

Who the pick should have been: DE Danielle Hunter


Round 4 The Pick: OT TJ Clemmings


TJ was a two year starter for Minnesota after he was drafted. The biggest thing from that sentence is the two year starter part. After a rookie season in which he allowed six and a half sack and only committing two penalties. His production and play fell off in year two allowing eight and a half sacks and taking three times as many penalties. Soon after he was placed on waivers by Minnesota and claimed by the Redskins.


Where he is now: Free Agent

2020 Draft Grade:D

Who the pick should have been: C Shaq Mason


Round 5 Pick one: TE Mycole Pruitt


Pruitt was drafted to be a depth man which was what he was, For one season… Mycole had 10 catches for 89 yards in his first season and was after moved to the practice squad where he was signed by the Chicago Bears.


Where he is now: Tennesse Titans

2020 Draft Grade: D-

Who the pick should have been: DB Quandre Diggs


Round 5 Pick 2: WR Stefon Diggs


Stefon Diggs was originally picked as depth choice. He had been fairly disappointing in college (any déja vu yet?) the Vikings took a gamble and boy did it pay off. Diggs quickly became a top option for Minnesota. Along with becoming a top receiver in the league. As a Viking he recorded 365 receptions with 4632 yards and 30 touchdowns. As one of the surest handed receivers (6.4% drop rate) he as well authored one of the greatest plays in the Vikings history with the 2017 Minneapolis Miracle against the Saints, Safe to say Diggs was a steal of a pick. 


Where he is now: Buffalo Bills

2020 Draft Grade: A+

Who the pick should have been: WR Stefon Diggs


Round 6: 2 choices OT Tyrus Thompson and DE Bj Dubose


Unfortunately for Minnesota neither of these draft choices ever stepped foot on the field or made it past the practice squad so these two were done collectively.


Where they are now: Both Retired

2020 Draft Grade: F

Who the picks should have been: WR (Now TE) Darren Waller and OT Trent Brown


Round 7 Pick one OT Austin Shepard 


Shepard was a large projectable Tackle who played just 3% of his snaps in his one and only season in Minnesota Case closed.


Where he is now: Retired

2020 Draft Grade: F

Who the pick should have been: DB Darryl Roberts


Round 7 Pick 2: LB Edmond Robinson


As a 7th round pick you cant expect much. So when Robinson managed to be a semi productive backup LB while playing minimal snaps and being a productive special teams player you cant ask for much more.


Where he is now: Retired

2020 Draft Grade: B-

Who the pick should have been: LB Edmon Robinson


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