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AJ Lee: Crazy is Her Superpower

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In the world of wrestling, fans always seem to have that one person that sticks out. Somebody that catches the eye and really means something. Personally, I have several like that. My list includes Finn Balor, Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Nia Jax, Charlotte Flair, and so forth. However, there was one specific female that made me fall in love with the Women Division. A certain beloved skipper completely stole my heart and truly caught my attention. That woman is none other than AJ Lee.

Who is AJ Lee?

AJ Lee’s real name, of course, is April Jeanette Mendez Brooks. She was born on March 19, 1987, in Union City, New Jersey.
Mendez is an American author, professional wrestler, and married to former WWE Champion CM Punk. She currently lives in Chicago. She spends plenty of time gaming and hanging out with her dog, Larry. Additionally, she is the real- life best friend of former WWE Divas Champion, Kaitlyn.

All Eyes on AJ

I recently finished Mendez’s book called Crazy is My Superpower for the third time.
Honestly, I simply related to AJ in so many ways. It was awesome to see her accomplish all of her dreams and goals. The narrative shows how she wanted to be a professional wrestler. CHECK.  Become a champion. CHECK. Have action figures. CHECK. Write a book. CHECK. I think it’s the fact that she accomplished everything she ever wanted in life.

Despite all of her hardships from her childhood and breaking into a sex-driven industry, she kept true to herself, and to be honest, that’s why she became so likable. Truth be told, she never gave up. I believe that’s why I idolize her. No matter what life threw at her, she was right there fighting back. Of course, her life was rough. Lee had very strict parents and grew up extremely poor, often times taking on a mother role despite being the youngest child. Yet, not once did she ever stop fighting for what she wanted most.

Call Me Crazy

After reading her book for the third time, I realized that one should never give up on their dreams. Sometimes, they seem out of reach. Impossible, even, but you never give up regradless. After reading AJ’s accomplishments each step of the way was nice. Even when she hit walls, she never gave up. If she wanted, she achieved. She accomplished. She succeeded. There is never anything impossible to achieve. For those who have never read AJ’s book, it’s worth the read. She worked hard to get to the top. Through the struggle, she was also told she was not good enough. Not good enough to succeed.

Instead, Lee threw on her Chuck Taylors  and went for it. During Lee’s time with the company, she both wrestled and was RAW General Manager for a while. She even was a 3x WWE Divas Champion. Most of all, AJ Lee made wrestling, specifically women’s wrestling, worth watching. It was sad to see her leave the WWE. However, I don’t believe she is done.

AJ Lee will indeed return one day. She could be there to wrestle. Or, it could be a special appearance as a well-deserved spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. We may even see her bring back Punk with her. Honestly, anything is possible at this point.

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