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AJ Styles Returns To The House He Built: What’s Next?

AJ Styles Smackdown
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AJ Styles Returns To The House He Built: What’s Next?

Last night on SmackDown, AJ Styles officially returned to the house he built a couple of years ago. But the return for Styles, however, wasn’t an one night thing. He was traded from RAW for superstars to be named later. The trade will help Styles tremendously and help get him rolling again, but the question now is- What’s next?

Styles faced Shinsuke Nakamura in the quarterfinals of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament and came out on top. He’ll face Elias in the semifinals, which he’ll likely win. So with a likely showdown with either Daniel Bryan or Jeff Hardy looming in the finals, will Styles add another championship to his trophy case? It’s very possible.

Reasons Why An Intercontinental Championship Reign Is Possible For The Phenomenal One?

The Intercontinental Championship is in need of a boost, and Styles is the perfect guy to provide it. It wouldn’t be the first time Styles has done that for the mid card.  He held the United States Championship on RAW last year, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Another reason why a likely Intercontinental Title reign is possible for Styles is due to the situations of the superstars left in the tournament. Bryan is the second favorite to win, but it wouldn’t make sense to put the title on him.

Hardy just returned from a hiatus and defeated Sheamus, which will likely lead to them resuming their rivalry.  Elias hasn’t held much gold in WWE, outside of the 24/7 championship, so putting him over against Styles wouldn’t be the smart way to go. Plus, he’s looking to find his footing as a babyface and it’s going to take time.

Due to those reasons, Styles is the favorite to win the Intercontinental Championship in a couple weeks. It would be crazy to bring him back to the house he built for a couple of years just for him to come up short. And let’s face it, Styles definitely needs a boost after his WrestleMania loss to the Undertaker and literally letting the Money in the Bank slip through his fingers.

Other Possibilities Could Be In The Cards For AJ Styles

Styles winning the Intercontinental Championship isn’t set in stone because we know things change. And there’s other possibilities on why Styles was brought back to SmackDown last night. Ratings are always a driving factor, but potential matchups are too.

If Styles doesn’t win the Intercontinental Championship, they could have him seeking revenge against Otis, who caught the Money in the Bank briefcase after it slipped from Styles’ fingers. Or they could have him face Universal Champion, Braun Strowman, who’s in need of a legit challenger right now. Strowman will face The Miz and John Morrison in a handicap match for the Universal Championship at BackLash.

Another route they could go is revisiting the Styles/Nakamura rivalry, which we witnessed again last night. They have had great matches against one another in the past, but the roles would be reversed. Nakamura can turn face again and have him face Styles, who would remain a heel. It would bring a fresh and new dynamic to a rivalry that needs it.

Last but not least, they could build Styles up even more for the eventual return of Roman Reigns. They faced each other for the WWE Championship in 2016 on two occasions, with Reigns prevailing. That matchup and rivalry, especially when fans are able to start attending events again, would bring the house down.

So they’re plenty of possibilities they could go with regarding Styles, and most wouldn’t be bad. With The Phenomenal One back on Team Blue, he looks to save the house that he built. And so far, he’s off to a good start.

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