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All About Renee Young

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Every wrestling fan knows that history is always being made around the world. Not everyone that has made history is really given the credit they deserve. That’s why this article is all about Renee Young. She has made history and doesn’t receive the credit she deserves.

All About Renee Young

Who exactly is Renee Young? Young is a Canadian sports broadcaster. She is a backstage interviewer for Friday Night SmackDown; and is also a co-host for WWE Backstage, which was recently cancelled. Renee is also a former sportscaster for Sportsnet 360. The talented host also co host a podcast called Regular Girls.


History is Made

We see history making moments happen every day. However, there are so many people, who are part of the women evolution in WWE that don’t get the credit, they deserve. Renee Young, became the first ever female to become a permanent RAW commentator last year. She is currently no longer in that spot at the moment, but this history making moment, will always be remembered. As a wrestling fan we will keep seeing history making moments occur for the female division. Every women that has stepped into the squared circle, has made history. This an evolution of an revolution.  I truly believe the blondie of Canada will keep making history just like every other female in the WWE. 

Writer’s Take

As a huge fan of Renee Young, I know for a fact that she will keep making history. At the age of 34, soon to be 35 on September 19th, has a lot of talk left inside her. Later on, after the whole Covid-19 dies down, and its safe, maybe WWE Backstage will come back. I liked that show, because it was very entertaining. It will also be an honor to meet Renee one day. The world of wrestling right now is just like every other sport. It feels like 2020, is hopeless and our sports are just a forgotten cause right now.

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