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Allen Iverson AKA “The Answer”, is famous for many things he did on the basketball court but also is famous for his rant where he asks, “We talkin about practice?!”. But as quarantine starts to slowly end, practice is exactly what a lot of coaches, players, and of course fans actually are talking about. With many leagues looking to find a way to begin their seasons such as the NBA, many colleges are looking ahead to their Fall and Winter sports this summer. One of those universities is Purdue as they welcome back many of their athletes throughout the next couple of weeks.  

Purdue’s football team appears to be the first athletic team to return as many players moved into campus throughout the weekend as practice begins today. Being that there was no spring practice, this means a lot of time will have to be made up for this summer.  Spring practice is considered a very important time in college football, as it is a time where many players earn their spots, gain trust in each other, as well as work to get stronger/faster. Zoom meetings and at-home workouts may have helped players and coaches some while in quarantine, having a chance to get to see their team and get on the field will without a doubt be a huge benefit.  

On June 15th the men’s basketball team will start practices followed by Women’s basketball, Volleyball, and Women’s soccer to complete the plan of bringing teams back. Of course with many government leaders taking the virus very seriously, so is Purdue University with this plan. Part of the plan is making it so these workouts are only voluntary for players (Though missing all workouts could mean a less likely chance of making the team), as well as keeping up with the health of each individual. Per athletic director Mike Bobinski, equipment will be cleaned, as well as players’ temperatures being checked regularly.  

This will be something that fans should be keeping an eye on as the success of these practices could be the difference between having a season or not. What if an outbreak were to happen though? Purdue President Mitch Daniel has already stated that if an outbreak were to occur within an athletic team, that team would be forced to stop all workouts. Time is still on many fall sports’ sides, so no decisions need to be made about canceling events yet, but without a doubt, this is something that athletic departments around the nation are trying to figure out. 

While it may not mean full normality, this is still a start and one that seems to be thought out well, by Purdue’s leaders. While Purdue will be one of many schools with the NCAA nervously watching, fans and players have probably never been more happier to hear the word “practice”, in their lives.  



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