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Reacting to the Chicago Bears Selection of Notre Dame TE Cole Kmet

The talent of Cole Kmet is not the reason for confusion or dislike. Kmet is 6’6 262lbs with 33″ arms and 10.5″ hands who ran quite well at the combine with a time of 4.7 seconds. Kmet was drafted as a Y tight end even though his pass-catching abilities overshadow his blocking abilities at this point in his career. His flaws in the run game have to do with his hand usage at the line and getting stalemated without much push consistency. Kmet was a dual-sport athlete for the  Notre Dame Baseball team as a reliever. His frame has great potential to fill, out as baseball is in the past and he now only has one goal in mind, becoming a legitimate NFL Tight End.

“He can run well for his size and is willing to drag defenders for a few yards. I think he was undervalued in this draft. However, it was interesting to see them pick a tight end after signing Jimmy Graham”

– Chad Reuter

My initial reaction to the Bears second-round selection was not a good one. I felt with the signing of Jimmy Graham it would allow us to still address the position but not till later. I loved Cole Kmet as a player, he was TE1 on my draft board but if you look at the talent and the positions that were on the board at the time of the pick you would understand my frustration.

LSU Safety Grant Delpit (Drafted pick 44 -Cleveland)

Minnesota Safety Antoine Winfield Jr (Drafted pick 45 -Tampa Bay)

Penn State Wide Receiver KJ Hamler (Drafted pick 46- Denver)

Baylor Wide Receiver Denzel Mims (Drafted pick 59 – New York)

Ryan Pace preaches that he drafts the best player available at the time of his selections, but I believe Nagy had a conversation with him and it went a little something like “My offense needs a playmaker at TE, I want Kmet”. The reason I would have been okay with not picking a TE at pick 43 or 50 is that there was not much of a gap between my TE1 and my TE2 -TE3 Who did not go till much later in the draft (Trautman 105 & Bryant 115) allowing us to fill other needs before addressing the TE position. Look, if Matt Nagy feels like Kmet is who he needed in order to get production from the TE position, who am I to judge? Pairing Cole Kmet with Jimmy Graham sounds like something special let’s just hope that it is.

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