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Can Trevor Lawrence bounce back in 2020 to Cement QB1 Status?

The 2019 National Championship game is where most people were introduced to Trevor Lawrence. 2019 was another National Championship appearance for Saban and the Tide and they clearly were not expecting the type of QB play that Lawrence displayed as after 4 quarters Lawrence showed he was no pushover, and trampled Alabama 44-16.
Lawrence is a big kid, and extremely athletic. Lawrence offers the complete package to evaluators, having both the prototypical size and having the zone read athletic ability. One thing that cannot be overlooked is his winning resume’. He is 25-1 as a starter at Clemson and looks to add another 15 wins to that record in 2020. When evaluating his film it is clear that he puts all the pressure and expectations on himself to make the plays necessary to win. Lawrence is the definition of a competitor and has played in big games his entire career which sets himself up well to enter the NFL.
Lets start at the feet when talking how Lawrence plays the QB position so well. His feet in the pocket are as textbook as they can be. Having good feet allows for good pocket agility and of course the ability to make good throws in all aspects. His pocket presence is as close to perfect as it can get. Lawrence play after play stays calm, shuffles up in the pocket, or to either side while also keeping his eyes down the field. These are the main components to a successful QB prospect, if his feet are good, and he can stay calm in the pocket, he has a chance to develop into something special in the NFL. Lawrence does struggle with his escapability. He just can’t quite wiggle out of sacks like you would like for a guy with his athletic ability.
Now focusing on his arm. Lawrence has great arm strength, there is really not a throw that he cannot make which just adds to his ridiculous resume’. Lawrence does not really struggle with anything specific on a consistent basis, other than once in a while he might over throw a receiver here and there which is why his accuracy grade took a little bit of a dip.
Those of you who read the previous article on Trey Lance are probably wondering why Lawrence is ranked 1 spot behind him, the reasoning? His decision making. Lawrence has a strong arm, and to pair with that he has supreme confidence in his arm. This can lead to really bad decision making by trying to force balls into tight coverage or even throwing to a route late just because he trusts his arm to be able to get it there, resulting in interceptions or near interceptions. These are the major issues he has to improve upon in the 2020 season. Lawrence trumps Lance in experience, and in big game opportunities. The one thing Lance does not do is beat himself, if Lawrence can improve on his decision making there is no reason that he will not be able to overtake Lance once rankings come out during the season.
Final Evaluation Score: 87.10
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