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Why Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb isn’t Built for the NFL

CeeDee Lamb is the prospect I don’t understand how anyone liked. He played with some of the greatest college quarterbacks in the entire NCAA, was coached by the college equivalent to Sean Payton, and played against some of the easiest defenses in the BIG-12.

 Lamb is made to be this quarterback’s best friend, somebody who can go up and grab the ball and bring it in for a touchdown. But in reality, Lamb played with Baker Mayfield (Heisman winner), Kyler Murray (Heisman winner), and Jalen Hurts (Heisman runner-up). Those are three legendary quarterbacks, and it certainly helped CeeDee at Oklahoma, who became the go-to guy for all three. But I’d argue that that skillset was a byproduct of the Oklahoma scheme, and not his skill himself. 

Almost any receiver would look good in those offenses. CeeDee isn’t an exception. He played well at the college level, but as we all know, the NCCA and the NFL are two very different leagues. The skills and assets that CeeDee learned at Oklahoma are almost useless in the NFL. On virtually every play for big yards, CeeDee would be wide open without a cornerback in sight. When receivers don’t know how to play against corners at the college level, it won’t get easier at the NFL level. 

While CeeDee did go to one of the most optimal situations in the NFL with Amari Cooper, Zeke, and Dak Prescott he still has to perform. None of his skillset is useful in the NFL. Being an average catcher who was schemed open consistently at the college level usually gives you busts. Additionally, because Lamb was always schemed open he didn’t have to run sharp routes, which is something that works in the BIG-12 but not in the NFC East. Routes are the most important skillset in a receiver, and while you can still succeed in the league without an extensive route tree, you have to have another variable like speed, separation, etc. Lamb has none of that. 

People will point to the LSU game, where Lamb had an impressive 112 yards and a touchdown against the best defense in the nation. Of course, he had four catches and one of those was for seventy yards and was quiet the rest of the game. He just didn’t perform. He didn’t. CeeDee Lamb is ideal for your college football program, but in the NFL, his skillset is unlikely to work. 

Listen, I want to see every player have an amazing career in the NFL. But CeeDee Lamb has all the ingredients to be a bust, and the continual obsession with him by most of the NFL is confusing. He didn’t do anything that impressed me at least. I’ll leave you with a CeeDee Lamb highlight reel, check how many of these “highlights” were actual catches, rather than schemed open passes:

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