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Reacting to the Cleveland Browns New Uniform Unveiling

If you ask fans of the NFL what the Cleveland Browns are known for, many will say they’re a blue-collar team, representing a blue-collar area in Northeast Ohio.

When it comes to their uniforms, most will think of a simple, traditional iconic look. The Browns teams of the 1980s and 90s, even going back to the beginnings in the 50s and 60s, kept it simple. Cleveland fans, young and old, will tell you about the traditional brown tops, white pants, white tops and brown pants. Also, Kardiac Kids fans from the 80s fondly remember the orange pants with the brown jerseys. A little tweak, but nothing outrageous.

However, in 2015 the Browns tried something that fans did not take to at all. They were too futuristic, and not what the Cleveland Browns stand for. So for the last two years, the team has been working on releasing new uniforms for the 2020 season. On Wednesday, April 15th the organization unveiled the new “updated traditional” uniforms, and boy did they ever get it right.

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As soon as noon rolled around the Browns released a video that showcased the new uniforms and already you could tell the fans loved them. The team got rid of the two-toned numbers, the Browns name down the pants and just went back to keeping it simple. In the video, the team showed players such as Jim Brown, Otto Graham, Clay Matthews, Bernie Kosar, Brian Sipe and others in the traditional Browns uniforms. Then in the end, we all saw the “updated traditional” look and all you can say is one word … phenomenal.

Team VP/minority owner JW Johnson has said that these uniforms will be the staple of Browns football for a long time with some surprises along the way (maybe orange pants?). You have the classic brown top with white pants (home), White top over brown pants (away), along with the option to do the all-white (1980s Browns please stand up) and finally an updated, also sleek-looking “color rush” with no stripes just all brown top and bottom with orange numbers. These four uniforms are the home run that the Browns needed after the 2015-2019 ones they’ve been wearing.

Furthermore, what’s even better is the initiative that the Browns have in partnering with Hats Off to Our Hero’s campaign where 100% of the proceeds from uniform sales will go to Covid-19 relief. This is once again the Browns reaching out to help the community and doing so in a big way. Not only are you getting your new 2020 uniforms, but you’re also helping out a cause that is much needed right now. Hats off to the organization for this gesture.

All in all, I give this uniform an A+ because the Browns just went back to the roots of the team. A traditional blue-collar team representing a blue-collar fan base. Plus, helping out others in the process is tremendous too.

Tell us what you think of the new uniforms. Did the Browns get or right? Do you think they will add orange pants if Nike gives them the green light?

Time will tell, but one thing is for sure … the uniforms are going to be a winner this season in Cleveland.

Zach Martin
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