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Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts Believes Solo Quarantining is Unrealistic for Baseball to Reopen

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The Los Angeles Dodgers and other California teams are facing some issues in an attempt to return to their home stadiums any time soon. On Tuesday, Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Los Angeles County plans to extend its stay-at-home orders for at least three months to suppress the coronavirus pandemic as confirmed cases and deaths continue to rise.

That would extend past the targeted July start Major League Baseball has proposed to the MLB Players’ Association, in addition to the July 14 All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium, which was going to be eliminated anyway in order to accommodate a revised schedule.

Dodger’s manager Dave Roberts talked about this on the Rich Eisen Show on Wednesday. Roberts was generally supportive of the plan but noted that no matter where they play, safety is very important. “What I do count on is that players and families realize how serious this issue is”, he said. “So once we do move forward, I would like to think about this because moving forward, if one player or family member is irresponsible could affect their club and the industry itself.”

It seemed likely that was MLB to hit its goal of an early July start, at least some of its teams might be forced to relocate to another city or its spring training site, which in the Dodgers’ case is in Phoenix. Roberts is not opposed to this but is not a fan of the idea of players having to quarantine by themselves.

Eisen brought up a comment by made by Charlie Blackmon of the Colorado Rockies who said: “I will quarantine if that is what it takes.” Roberts is not a proponent of that idea. He replied to the question by stating: I applaud Charlie for feeling that way, but I think every family and player is different and that the idea and the reality of quarantining solo is unrealistic.”

Everyone may find out soon what the plan is as reports coming out of the MLB and MLBPA talks have indicated that they sides have mostly agreed on the safety protocols that need to be in place in order for the season to resume. However, the issue that could still hold things up has not been brought up yet, how much money each side is willing to give up in this current crisis.

Regardless, the Dodgers may join a list of other California, New York, and Illinois teams that start their regular season in Spring Training sites. Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti told CNN a three-month stay-at-home extension doesn’t mean “we don’t have to freeze our life, freeze our economy” where it is, and that more facets of reopening could occur in the interim. But the precedent established by the county and state would make a gathering of 100-plus required to stage a sports game – or half of that for a workout – unlikely.

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