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Fantasy Wrestling Matches

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As a wrestling fan we all have our fantasy wrestling matches we would love to see. What exactly is a fantasy match? It’s a dream match for a wrestling fan, of their favorite wrestlers wrestling another wrestler that they never wrestled before.

Fantasy Wrestling Matches

As a huge wrestling fan, I have my dream matches. Honestly, in some cases some of my dream matches may not even happen, due to them being crossed brand between different promotions.

Match One: Cody Rhodes vs Finn Balor

These two are my absolute favorite male wrestlers of all time. Rhodes and Balor are very talented and athletic. They are the reason why I’m the wrestling fan I am today. This match would be a dream come true but it would be AEW vs NXT. I can only hope to see this match one day.

Match Two: AJ Lee vs Charlotte Flair

This dream match needs to happen. Two of my favorite female wrestlers of all time, AJ Lee and Charlotte Flair. They both are very talented in the ring, and would be able to put on a good show. It would be a crazy skipper vs a queen. Lee would let the mind games take over and be able to overcome what Flair may have in store for her. Tap tap out to the black widow perhaps, or will Flair make Lee tap out to the figure eight?  This would be a submission vs submission match. It totally needs to happen!

Match three: Shayna Baszler vs Beth Phoenix

This would be an epic match I believe. The Glamazon vs The Queen of Spades. Phoenix would indeed would have the upper hand on Baszler at least most of the match. Baszler would have her twist and turns for sure. In my opinion, I believe this would be a great match to see. Baszler and Phoenix are two of my favorite female wrestlers that are the past, present and future of the WWE.

So WWE, some how we need to make these matches come true!

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