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E-SPORTS: Gus Duggerton and the Texas Tech Red Raiders Begin Season Tonight

Tonight the Running Red Raiders are packing up their gang and headed out West for their season opener against the UCLA Bruins. Duggs is coming off a record breaking season with the USC Trojans and even capped off the season with an instant classic in the Rose Bowl. Duggs is reported to have left Southern California in a whirlwind of dismay. Some have even clamored at his decision to head into the flat lands of Lubbock Texas and try to turn this 4-8 Raiders into an Air Duggs styled offense.



Now the biggest question people are having about tonight’s heavy weight bought is the Center position for the Raiders. After signing his record breaking contract Duggs was enlightened that his center has a 44 overall rating and is quite literally a shell of a man. Will Duggs move another player into this spot or will he just let that man ride it and out see if he’s man enough to overcome this challenge??? We find out tonight at 9:30 PM Central, tune in to watch the game at


Hell even Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes is excited to get this prolific offense rolling!


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