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Hey Jamal: Grow Up!

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Back in November, New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas fielded phone calls from other teams about strong safety Jamal Adams. Adams, who has outplayed his current contract, went on a tiff on social media about the possibility of being shipped off. His mini-tantrum stopped after the Jets started winning. At the end of the season, Adams expressed that he wanted to be a Jet for life. Things got strange when he announced he wouldn’t take part in virtual voluntary workouts until he got a contract extension. On Thursday afternoon, the news broke that Adams has requested to be traded. Judging from Jets Twitter’s reaction from the last couple of days, the message is clear: Hey Jamal, Grow Up!

Social Media as PR

Back in the day, when a player requested a trade, they usually went through their agent to do that. Nowadays, players take to social media to air out their grievances and demand they be traded. Adams has been known to be very adept at his use of social media, whether on Twitter or Instagram. His first tantrum on Twitter was back in late October when Douglas entertained calls from other teams before the trade deadline.

So, Adams is speaking for himself here. Which is no problem because back in the day, there would be a press release from the player’s agent. (For reference, see A-Rod’s notoriously awful press release declaring his free agency during the 2007 World Series.) It’s actually refreshing to see a player speak for themselves and not through a conduit. But recently, his gripes against the Jets have been unnecessarily egregious. On the most recent Can’t Wait podcast, The Athletic’s Jets beat writer Connor Hughes opined that Adams’ timing is terrible. Why? Here’s why…

The Global Pandemic and the NFL’s Bottom Line

Because we’re in a freaking global pandemic! The timing could have not been worse by Adams. The global economy – and not just the United States – has suffered because of #CoronaSZN. The NFL is still weighing their options on whether or not they’ll allow fans at games this season. Should they not, the NFL stands to lose A LOT of money on lost ticket sales and PSL renewals. Several teams have stated to PSL holders that they can use their PSL’s for 2021. Even with television revenue, the NFL is going to lose billions of dollars. Adams requesting a contract extension in the midst of a pandemic is terrible optics and further proof that Jamal Adams needs to GROW UP!

Will Adams Get FOMO?

FOMO is the acronym for “Fear of Missing Out.” It’s defined as the phenomenon of missing out on a good time. Jets fans – myself included – are hoping that the team is on an upward trend: they finished 6-2 in the second half of 2019. Douglas has been a spendthrift but knows the true worth of every free agent he’s brought in. Adams’ frustration with the front office has been well documented, but what the confusing part is that if he gets traded, he will not sign an extension. His trade list includes ready-made teams like Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, and Seattle. It’s confusingly contradictory.

So, Adams wants to win now. But will he miss out on building a winner rather than be one with the Jets? If Adams is traded, he’s just another in a line of players the Jets gave up on too soon. It’ll be up to fellow leaders on the team such as Sam Darnold and Le’Veon Bell to convince him that the Jets will be winners in the next year to two years.

Time to Grow Up

What was the last straw that made me write this column? It was this tweet sent yesterday:

Adams has treated Jets fans to three seasons of outstanding play. He hates losing and he shows his passion for the game on every play. Adams is the best player on the Jets and he knows it. The problem is he’s acting unprofessionally. So, Jamal: we love you and we want you to stay here for a long time. But all that enthusiasm and passion is lost when you throw tantrums.

For the last time in this article: Hey Jamal, grow up!

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