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Imperfect: The Roy Halladay Documentary

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Roy Halladay is someone most people will remember as a dominant pitcher and a fierce competitor. Now though people have had a deeper insight into his life. It was one that was protected by a man who valued his privacy but now has an inspiring story that aired on ESPN this past Friday.

At his best and to the view of the public on the field Halladay was a two time Cy Young winner with 8 all-star appearances and off the field, he was a man like others but to his family and teammates, he was a different man. Per his wife, Brandy, Roy was always anxious before games, to begin with, and began using sleeping pills before starts. It seems the dark times for Roy came after the NLDS game 5 in 2011 against the Cardinals when he felt a pop in his back. After that, he started taking opioids in the form of painkillers. It seemed Roy was truly physically struggling and one of the most incredible things is his wife claimed that Roy shrunk 3 inches during the 2012 season due to his back problems. She says he tried to reach out for help through rehab centers but people recognizing him scared him, and he did not complete his program.

Roy was one of the games best and personally a player whose poster made my wall as a child. His story shows that things like this happen to the best of us. His story also details a struggle with finding balance in life and battles with prescription drugs and opioids. The opioids specifically have been detailed as a problem within baseball and we have seen deaths due to this, most recently the Los Angeles Angels Pitcher Tyler Skaggs. Many hope that his wife Brandy will continue to inspire in many in the sense that no matter who you are and what your standing in life is you can always reach out for help and you should never be ashamed to do so.







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