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Jets and Jamal Adams: No More?

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Is Jamal Adam’s time in the Big Apple coming to an end?

It’s been widely reported past couple days that the Jets and All-Pro Safety Jamal Adams have come to an impasse in contract negotiations and that it has caused friction with Adams and his camp. It’s been no secret that Adams wants to be paid like a top-flight NFL star, and he deservedly should. He’s the NFL’s best safety and is more than deserving of a lucrative deal. But is now the right timing for it?

Adams still has 1 year left on his rookie deal, plus the fifth-year option that was exercised earlier this offseason by Joe Douglas. Sure it sucks to be making pennies on the dollar compared to what your talent is worth, but such is life for a first-round pick in today’s NFL. 99% of the time the team holds all the leverage in contract talks before that fifth year. This allows for a maximum window of accruing talent around their hopeful, young, and budding stars. And then usually the smart teams will sign their 1st round picks to extensions after the fourth year to lower that fifth year cap number, continually allowing a longer window of time to accrue as much talent as possible. So why is Adams demanding he is dealt with now?

Some fans will say Adams is being immature and unreasonable in his request to have it done now. And in a way, they’re right. Adams has been amazing since joining the Jets, but so have other stars from the 2017 draft class that aren’t making a fuss to their respective teams about getting a deal done now. Adams has been the only player from the class that has made a public fuss over wanting to be paid. Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Myles Garrett, TJ Watt, and Tre’davious White all have stayed quiet, put their heads down, and worked hard knowing that when the time is right, they will be rewarded for their efforts. So why can’t Adams do the same?

Adams knows he’s the face of the franchise along with Sam Darnold and knows that the New York media will run rampant with his antics. This in turn paints a harsh picture on the Jet’s front office, and forces them to face criticism from the Media about how they handle their own players and how the best teams pay their own. The Jets have every intention of paying Adams what he deserves but in due time. Joe Douglas has been incredibly disciplined with his financial decision-making to ensure the next offseason there is an overflow of cap space available at the Jets disposal. Adams needs to allow one more season to play out before he can rightfully start demanding a new deal. But will he attempt to force his way out instead?

Adams is one of the NFL’s most recognizable stars, and every team would be made instantly better with his talent lined up in the secondary. There were rumbles at last seasons trade deadline the Cowboys were making a hard push to acquire him. It seems after this report has dropped, the rumor mill is churning again.

No one knows what the future hold for the Jets and Jamal Adams. It’s pretty clear he won’t be paid this offseason. You just have to wonder if he’ll be around the Jets long enough to get paid by them, or if a team will pony up enough trade capital to pry him from away from New York. Joe Douglas can say he wants Adams to be a Jet for life all he wants, but he’d be foolish to not listen to offers and see if he gets one that blows him away. Time will tell. For now we all just have to stay glued to our respective media devices for updates on the situation.


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