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Miami Dolphins 2020 Schedule Takeaways

Miami Dolphins Stadium

Last night, the official 2020-2021 NFL schedule was released for all 32 teams. Here are a couple of early key takeaways from the Miami Dolphins schedule.

One Primetime Game and Lots of Afternoon Games

The Miami Dolphins were only awarded one primetime game this year and it comes week three in Jacksonville. This comes to a surprise to some since Miami just drafted one of the most hyped of prospects of the past decade in Tua Tagoailoa. Although, Miami only had one primetime game in the 2019-2020 season as well (Week 8, Monday Night Football at Pittsburgh). In addition to Miami only having one primetime game in back to back years, it seems like Dolfans will have to wait to watch their team at home during primetime as well. Other than the one primetime game, Miami plays five games at 4:05 pm or 4:25 pm. This may not seem like a lot, but recently Miami has played a majority of their games early (1 pm est).

Late Bye Week

Normally the Dolphins have their bye week between weeks 4-6, this year, their bye week is week 11. Having a later bye week benefits the team more significantly than an earlier one. That is because as the season goes on players get wear and tear, and that late bye week will be crucial for the team to get fully healthy and get ready to make a late playoff push. As opposed to an early bye week where all your team can do is try to get as healthy as possible before having 10-12 games in a row while trying to fight for a playoff spot.

Ending the Season with Seven AFC Games in a Row

The biggest takeaway from the Dolphins schedule is how they end their season with seven consecutive AFC games. Weeks 10-17 (remember Miami has a week 11 bye), Miami faces strictly AFC opponents. This is very important as if Miami wants to make the playoffs, they will more than likely be in control of their own destiny. Four out of seven of those games are division games as well which again will let Miami be in control of their own destiny playoff wise. Depending on how good Miami plays during this stretch of games, week 17, when they face off against Buffalo, could be to win the division.

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