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Miami Dolphins: NFL Draft Day Three Winners

Now that the 2020 NFL Draft is behind us, we can now look forward to seeing how the rookies perform on the field. Every year some teams are praised for their work in the later rounds of the draft. One of those teams should be the Miami Dolphins. Even though many people (including our own at Downtown Sports) think the Dolphins won early in the draft by getting Tua Tagovailoa, Miami won more than just the first round. Heading into the final day of the draft, Miami was scheduled to have 9 picks but only used five them. To start the day, Miami had two fourth-round picks, three picks in the fifth and seventh round, and one in the sixth. That turned into one fourth, sixth, seventh, and two fifths due to trades. Even though Miami only drafted five players on the final day, they are considered one of the day three (and overall draft) winners.

Draft Picks

Miami focused on adding depth during day three of the draft adding two defensive linemen, a long snapper, an offensive lineman, and a running back/ receiver. Here we will take a look at what players that Miami drafted that stand out the most.

Curtis Weaver, DE, Boise State

Miami selected Weaver in the fifth round and it was instantly considered a steal. Considered a day 2 guy or at worst a fourth-rounder, Miami got him 164th overall. At Boise State, Weaver was a sack machine and is the Mountain West leader in sacks (34). The Dolphins were one of the worst teams when it came to getting to the quarterback and are hoping Weaver (along with their other draft picks and free agent signings) can change that. Pairing a player like Weaver with coach Brain Flores could be very successful in the near future.

Solomon Kindley, Guard, Georgia

Besides quarterback, the offensive line was Miami’s biggest need. Trading up in the fourth round to draft him, Kindley has a high ceiling. Drafting a player like Kindley not only added depth to the position but maybe even a day one starter. Kindley is the type of player Brain Flores is looking for, someone who is not afraid to do their job, finish their blocks and be aggressive. At Georiga, Kindley had a history injury, but if he can stay healthy, Kindley could be one of the biggest steals in this draft.

Malcolm Perry, Athlete, Navy

My favorite pick in the whole draft comes in the seventh round. Perry played quarterback at Navy but is said to be playing either running back or receiver in Miami. Having a do it all or gadget player is something that every team is now looking for since the emergence of Taysom Hill. Perry not only has the arm to play quarterback, but the speed and vision to play running back as well. Perry could be making plays day one and it will be interesting to see how Flores decides to use him.

Matt Breida, RB, San Francisco 49ers

After Ryan Fitzpatrick was the teams leading rusher in 2019, Miami knew running back was a big need. So Miami went out and traded for 49ers running back, Matt Breida.  Miami traded a fifth round pick to the 49ers in exchange for Bredia and are now pairing him with free agent signing Jordan Howard and Kallen Ballage. Bredia was the odd man out in the 49ers backfield even though he has shown glimpses of his potential. His speedy and elusive type play will be a good complement  Howard as Miami tries to improve their league worst rushing attack.

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