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MLB Owners Offer New Proposal: Players Offer Negative Reaction

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In what may be a small glimmer of hope, MLB has offered a revised proposal to start the new season, according to Kar Ravech of ESPN.

According to Ravech’s sources, MLB has made a proposal to the MLBPA to have the players take 75 percent of their Prorated salary with a 76 game season. the owners offer to pool the playoff money. MLB will also not provide draft pick compensation for signing a player. MLB would like to have the season finish on September 27th, with the postseason ending around the end of October.

In addition, the owners would like to have the ability to expand the playoffs, which would help generate income as this is where the league earns a great deal of its revenue.

This proposal equates to roughly 200 million more in player salaries. The owners have stated that the 50 game season is not a threat rather a negotiated right, but does put out a subtle reminder as to what the owners have the power to do.

This may be just a beginning as Eval Drellich of the Athletic has tweeted out that he MLBPA regards today’s offer from MLB to be worse than the league’s last because it shifts a greater emphasis on risk-sharing in the postseason. Players would receive 50 percent of pro-rata if there is no postseason, 75 percent if there is a postseason. Reportedly, the players would like 100 percent. At this point, there does not seem to be any movement from the players to seek less than the full amount of the prorated salaries that were agreed to in March. The players have also stated that what the MLB would guarantee players is nearly equivalent to the first proposal.

Unfortunately, the new proposal, if somehow tweaked and agreed-upon, would not allow the season to start until July 10, destroying a perfect opportunity to start on July 4, something that the country could greatly use at this time.




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