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NASCAR Set to Make Return May 17th and So Is Driver Ryan Newman

NASCAR has announced that its return from the coronavirus hiatus will happen on May 17th. In addition to that news, Ryan Newman, who was part of one of the most horrific wrecks in stock car racing history, will indeed make his return to the track. Newman told NASCAR reporter Mike Joy in an interview prior to a NASCAR virtual iRacing event that he’s indeed healthy and ready to return to racing.

Newman suffered injuries during the wreck in the Super Bowl of racing at the Daytona 500 to kick off the new NASCAR season. Newman was competing to win the race when he was flipped up airborne and his car was practically torn in half from the ricochet of the wall and other cars. Newman at this point would have zero chance of making the NASCAR playoffs but due to the coronavirus, he only missed three races and will start 29th in the standings when NASCAR resumes. Newman in the first race looked poised for a very impressive season, so, we will see if he’s able to carry that production onto the rest of the year. Regardless, Newman’s strength throughout this whole thing has been outstanding and otherworldly. For those that never saw his accident and what he has had to overcome below is a video of it. It’s a graphic video and while Newman is okay, it’s still not exactly easy to watch. Watch at your own risk:

It is worth mentioning that while NASCAR will be returning to the track, it’s scheduled to be without a live audience which follows the trend of other sporting leagues that have talked about their returns without a live audience in the stands. This could, however, be the thing that brings all the sports back. NASCAR would be the first formerly-paused sporting league to bring back and resume their season. The NBA, MLB, NHL and other sports have been paused except for combat sports.

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