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New York Rangers: A look back at some great goaltender masks

Photo courtesy of the NY Rangers and the

The New York Rangers have been lucky to have some great netminders over their storied history. These goalies told a story not just by wins and losses but by the mask they wore during the many battles.

The New York Rangers Twitter account looked back at some different goaltenders masks. Throughout the history of the Blueshirts the club has seen plenty of goaltenders. Max Mercy said it best in the movie The Natural, “They come and they go”.  Ranger’s goalies have come and gone over the years, but they have left us with everlasting memories of the masks they have worn.

Let’s take a look back at some great masks Rangers goalies have worn.

Eddie Giacomin

Photo via @nyRangers

Eddie Giacomin played 11 seasons for the Rangers. In 539 games on Broadway, Eddie had a record of 267-172-89. He was one of the most popular players right up until he was claimed on waivers by the Detroit Red Wings in October 1975. He wore one of the simplest, early style masks. No logos or markings of any kind, just a white plain mask.

Gilles Gratton

Photo by @NYRangers

Gilles Gratton only appeared in 41 games for the Rangers, but his mask was detailed. It looked like a tiger and for its time was one of the most unique masks worn in the NHL.

John Davidson

John Davidson is most known for leading the Rangers to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1979. He wore a more familiar mask then, but the mask here is the total opposite of what he is remembered for. The white mask, with the Rangers logos on each side, a blue eye mask, and star over the mouth is a design most don’t remember.

Mike Richter

Photo by @NYRangers

His Lady Liberty masks are synonymous with his name. Mike Richter won the Stanley Cup in 1994 wearing his famous bucket. He appeared in 666 games and none were more important than the game on June 14, 1994. The Statue of Liberty on the top of the head, a Rangers logo on the chin, and Rangers written across the sides, this mask might be the most recognizable of any icon in the team’s history.

Henrik Lundqvist


Photo by @NYRangers

Henrik Lundqvist is known as the ‘King” in New York. He has worn a multitude of different masks throughout his Rangers career. The only constant is the designer of his buckets, David Gunnarsson. The Swedish artist has designed every mask for Lundqvist since he has been in the NHL and all the masks he has worn during the Olympics playing for Team Sweden.

So many different masks to go along with the different era’s the goalies have played for the Rangers. Its fun to look at each one and see how the mask has progressed and how they have changed in protecting the so valuable goaltender.



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