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Penguins’ Sidney Crosby prefers 24 team tourney over ‘March Madness’ format

Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby sat down virtually with TSN’s Darren Dreger on “Dreger’s Cafe” to discuss what he has been doing to during the NHL’s pause. Crosby also talked about what he would like to see should the league resume the season, with a focus on awarding the Stanley Cup.

Crosby Keeping Busy during Quarantine

Dreger asked Crosby how he has been doing since the quarantine began almost seven weeks ago.

“Like everyone else trying to make the best of the situation,” Crosby responded.

His team has been having meetings once a week, he trains in the morning trying to stay active as he, along with all of the NHL, waits to see what will happen.

The questions of what kind of format the league might go to should they return has been asked by players though there are no firm answers right now.  “It’s going to be a challenge when games resume, making sure your not rusty and be in the best shape you can be,” Crosby adds.

Crosby indicated the most important thing to be concerned about when returning to the ice is the safety of everyone involved. “As long as its a safe environment and level playing field is all guys can ask for,” the Penguins star retorted.

March Madness in Hockey?

Dreger than mentioned the possible scenarios rumored to be used as the league may jump right into the Stanley Cup playoffs and not complete the regular season. However, Crosby was intent on the importance of keeping the tradition of the playoffs the is of the utmost important process once he gets back with his team on the ice.

“A 24 team tourney is okay as long as there is a four-round playoff. You want to keep the integrity of the playoffs. You want to win the Stanley Cup the right way,” he told the TSN host.

Crosby knows plenty about winning championships.  A three-time Stanley Cup Champion with the Penguins, his views of not just awarding the Cup this year but to do it while keeping the NHL’s tradition intact is a viable view that all players in the league respect.


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