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Predicting Tennessee Titans’ Rookies Madden 21 Ratings

Happy Launch! I’ll be releasing more in-depth evaluation on the Tennessee Titans’ 2020 Draft class in days to come but first I wanted to do something different.

You’ll hear and read ad nauseam what the “experts” say about your team’s draft picks. With a large part of the fanbase being gamers; I want to offer a slight diversion by giving you my estimation of possible Madden 21 ratings for this year’s draft class for the Tennessee Titans.

Before I start, let me preface how Madden usually grades rookies. Madden isn’t too lenient with rookies whatsoever. Rookies have to prove during the season that they’re worthy to have their ratings increased. For example, Patrick Mahomes was a 76 as a rookie in Madden 18 and now he’s part of the 99 club. It could be hard for some to fathom that the best quarterback in the league was a 77 just 2 years ago in Madden 19 as well. Madden shows no remorse for novelty but they’re all for a meteoric rise.

Getting back to the Titans’ 2020 draft class, it includes guys that fulfill needs and provide high football character but that’s for another article. The world is all in on eSports right now so I feel it’s appropriate to indulge. I came up with these final grades by comparing this year’s players with players of similar skill and draft position from last year’s rookies in Madden 20.

No, it’s not the dog days of the NFL offseason and no I wasn’t bored. There are Madden Fanatics and curious minds out there who can’t wait to get an idea on how good (or bad) their team’s draft picks will be on the game. Enjoy!

OT Isaiah Wilson, Georgia – 70 Overall

  • Most Appealing Attribute: Run Blocking (75)
  • Least Appealing Attribute: Agility (60)

CB Kristian Fulton, LSU – 73 Overall 

  • Most Appealing Attribute: Zone Coverage (72) 
  • Least Appealing Attribute: Block Shedding (51)

RB Darrynton Evans, App State – 72 Overall 

  • Most Appealing Attribute: Acceleration (90)
  • Least Appealing Attribute: Injury (87)

DT Larrell Murchison, N.C. State – 68 Overall

  • Most Appealing Attribute: Pursuit (78)
  • Least Appealing Attribute: Power Moves (64)

QB Cole McDonald, Hawaii – 61 Overall

  • Most Appealing Attribute: Speed (85)
  • Least Appealing Attribute: Ball Carrying (52)

CB Chris Jackson, Marshall – 58 Overall 

  • Most Appealing Attribute: Tackling (58)
  • Least Appealing Attribute: Man Coverage (62) 
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