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Ranking NFL QB’s: NFC East Edition

I have decided to start a series where I rank the starting Quarterbacks for each division in the NFL. With my favorite team being the Cowboys I figured it would fit me best to rank the division where my favorite teams lives. This ranking will probably be biased and I don’t necessarily care what Eagles Twitter will have to say or any Giants fans clamoring about Daniel Jones and his dink and dunk methods. So let’s get this show rolling.

#4 Daniel Jones.

Daniel Jones is the 2nd coming of Eli Manning and that could either mean they’ve received a potential 2 time super Bowl winning guy or just someone who is as meme-able as Michael Jordan crying. Daniel Jones at 4 just makes the most sense here, the Giants were shit rotten last season and couldn’t really amount to much. Jones won some games (barely) against very crappy teams whose defenses couldn’t hold water. His accuracy is something that gives people hope for him but if you sit down and asses his game, it just comes down to him throwing a crap ton of check downs to Saquan and watching him turn something into nothing. Jones also has the least amount of weapons out of this group so that puts him at a slight disadvantage.


#3 Dwayne Haskins

I genuinely was scared whenever I saw the Redskins had drafted Haskins but after seeing almost a whole year of starts under his belt it has me wondering about how good this guy may actually be. Haskins because of a bad rookie season will always be considered a “could’ve been” type of guy. His weapons when healthy are as good as some of the other divisional opponents. I know people will say that his year was ruined with them firing Jay Gruden, but I just couldn’t care less. Let me see him come out next season and win some damn divisional games and i might, MIGHT, change my opinion.

#2 Carson Wentz

This is where my Cowboys Fandom really kicks in. Carson Wentz is an ALL WORLD kind of QB, WHEN HES HEALTHY. Carson Wentz carried the Eagles to that Super Bowl and I do think the Nick Foles comps aren’t something that need to continue because he is no doubt the best option for the Eagles at Qb. Jalen Hurts was just a bad draft idea for them for what the hell ever reason. When it comes to natural ability to spin it I think Carson Wentz is by far the best option on the board here, but it’s due to his string of bad luck with his health. The damn guy just can’t catch a break here.

#1 Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott is my number 1 guy in the NFC East. Dak has been a bit of a workshop for the Cowboys. Even with all the doubts and disbelief Dak has proved himself to be a QB worthy of being regarded as the best in the NFC East. Early he was taunted with the name “Dink and Dak” due to his high volume of short completions but with the installation of Kellen Moore into the offense coordinator spot this last season Dak did all but prove the haters wrong. Dak has the leadership abilities that are in the wet dreams of NFL executives. He’s also just as good of a football player. Since taking over for Tony Romo, Prescott has done nothing but win baby win. I stand by this decision and even if I wasn’t a Cowboys fan I GUARANTEE this list would still look the same.


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