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Report: MLB Players Offer Counter-Proposal to Owners

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On Sunday, the MLBPA sent a proposal to the league which asked that they receive a far higher percentage of salaries and a commit to a longer schedule as part of a counteroffer to start the pandemic delayed season.

The plan was proposed to MLB during an 80-minute digital meeting, that was labeled by some as contentious, that included Commissioner Rob Manfred, deputy commissioner Dan Halem, union head Tony Clark and union chief negotiator Bruce Meyer.

The players proposed a 114-game regular season Sunday, up from 82 in the owner’s offer, something that would see the World Series concluded sometime around Thanksgiving. Opening day would be June 30 and the regular season would end Oct. 31, nearly five weeks after the Sept. 27 conclusion that MLB’s proposal offered in the season’s original schedule. The union offered flexible scheduling to include more doubleheaders as baseball condenses the games into 123 days, leaving little room for days off.

Like the owners’ plan, the union would increase post-season teams from 10 to 14. But unlike MLB, the players’ proposal would extend the post-season about a month past its usual end. MLB has said it is worried about a second wave of the coronavirus in the autumn. If the postseason is canceled, contracts of $10 million or above (before being prorated) could be deferred, according to MLBPA’s proposal. Teams with large payrolls would receive as much as $7 million each in relief under this system. Deferred payments would be made, with interest, in November 2021 and November 2022.

To help offset lost revenue that owners are worried about, the players proposed that new events that could increase revenue, such as a post-season or off-season All-Star Game and/or Home Run Derby, to wear broadcast microphones on the field and participate in television programming away from ballparks.

Under the proposal, the players would have the right to opt-out of the season under the union plan. Those who meet qualifications for high risk or reside with a person who qualifies as high risk would receive salary and major league service. Others who opt out would receive major league service time but no salary.

The union’s proposal also includes an additional salary advance of $100 million during the next round of spring training. The players already received a $170 million advance to cover the first two months of the season.

If the season is to begin in about a month, a response from MLB and ultimately a resolution likely would be needed within the next week. If the sides cannot work anything out by then, starting the spring training and season may be pushed back, or see the season canceled altogether.



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1 Comment

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