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Scout’s Look: Caleb Furst

Photo Credit to Jody Demling/ 247 Sports

Back in early March, Purdue Basketball picked up their first commitment for the 2021 class when Caleb Furst from Fort Wayne, Indiana announced he would be a Boilermaker. Purdue fans will have to wait a year before they can see Furst dawn the Black and Gold, as Furst still has to finish his high school career at Blackhawk Christian this coming season. Nonetheless, this was still an absolutely huge pickup for Matt Painter and his staff.

Caleb Furst is currently one of the top-ranked players in the nation as he is listed as a 4-star recruit while being ranked 29th overall for the 2021 class per 247 sports. Furst also is currently ranked as the #1 player in the state of Indiana, making him the favorite to win Indiana’s Mr. Basketball award. Furst’s current ranking would make him the highest-rated recruit Purdue has landed since another big man named Caleb from Fort Wayne(Caleb “Biggie” Swanigan) committed to the Boilers.

So what exactly is Purdue getting with Caleb Furst? Here is an in-depth look at Caleb Furst.

Scouting Report


Caleb Furst is listed at 6’9″ and 215 pounds per 247 sports. At 6’9″ Furst is tall enough to play the four or the 5 while in college, though if these measurements are accurate, Furst will be more of a four at the NBA level. Looking at his junior season tape, it definitely showed he could have stood to gain some more weight as it will be needed to handle the Big ten as well as the size of the NBA in the future. Recently Furst did start playing a few AAU games where he did look a lot bigger and stronger against the competition.


Offensively Furst is a very polished player in the post with very solid footwork in the post. His favorite move seems to be a spin move to the baseline as he continuously converts the move into points on film. Doing this he needs to have a good touch at the rim and he definitely has it. He can use both hands well, although there are a few times on tape where he misses with his right hand(his offhand) badly. If Furst can continue to improve his ability to score with his offhand this could really boost his potential at the next level. Furst also does a nice job of using a pump fake and using his pivot foot to create open looks at the basket.

Caleb Furst also uses a fadeaway jump shot to score a lot of his points as well helping keep defenders honest. Furst can face up and shoot it as well but his range is a little bit limited and overall is something that he could definitely stand to improve. For a big man, he has a solid handle that definitely helps him in the especially with those spin move and he is even able to bring up the court after a rebound on occasions. While his ballhandling is good for a big, it’s definitely not on the level needed for him to be considered to play on the perimeter, which he probably would not be asked to anyways.

An underrated part of Caleb Furst’s game though is his passing ability in the post. He often shows on film an ability to stay patient and not force a tough shot or dribble into double teams, but rather kicking the ball out to an open teammate. When looking at past Purdue bigs who Matt painter has coached such as A.J. Hammons, Caleb Swanigan, and Isaac Haas, this is something that each struggled with at the beginning of their careers. When each player learned to play with patience and improve as passers they also each became All-Big Ten level players. The fact that Furst is going to be coming in with this as a strength already is a very promising sign.


Furst has shown the ability to be a strong defender, especially as a shot-blocker thanks to strong timing and solid athleticism. A few recruiting analysts have said Furst lacks some athleticism, but I can’t say I agree as I think for a player his size he shows to be very athletic. Furst’s quick feet also seem to translate to defense as he’s been able to guard smaller players on the perimeter, which is a trait that big men usually need to have to play at the NBA level considering how much faster-paced the game has evolved into. As for improvements on defense, it all comes back to his size, as gaining more muscle will be important in handling players in the post.

Video Break Downs

Highlighted a few clips that stood out from Furst in games against Culver Academy, and Wayne High school, as well as a few clips from last week playing AAU.

The Full games are listed here and here

Overall Summary

Overall, Furst is a legit player that pretty much could have played anywhere he wanted to. Before he committed to Purdue I kind of questioned the fit considering Purdue already had two post players on scholarship for 2021, but after watching Furst it’s obvious he is the kind of player you find ways to get on the court no matter what. With how polished his game is already at this age, Furst definitely can become an All-Big Ten player for years to come. As long as Furst continues to get stronger and improve his range on his jumper, he’ll almost certainly become an NBA prospect sooner than later as well.




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