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Sports Gambling Expected To Expand

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In 2018 the United States Supreme Court gave the States the green light to legalize sports gambling in its decision in the Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association case. Shortly after Delaware and New Jersey legalized and relegated sports gambling. A few years later there are almost 20 states with legalized gambling. By legalizing gambling these states have been able to grow the local economy, create a safer way for people to gamble on sports, and generate tax revenue.

Today, the COVID 19 pandemic still very real. It has caused sickness, death, and has damaged the economy. Due to this, states have lost a substantial amount of expected revenue. Accordingly, States are looking for a solution that will bring in tax revenue. This is where sports gambling enters the picture.

This financial issue could be the push that some states need in order to legalize sports gambling. At this point, sports gambling has become mainstream. Gambling has seen massive investment for business and has become a cultural phenom. The negative stigma attached to it no longer exists.


Sports always serve as the great equalizer in society. As sports start back up, states should look to capitalize on the people’s return to their love of sports. By legalizing starts gambling in your state, you should get ready to jump right in. Obviously, each state will have a different system of sports gambling, but if your state does not currently have it, you should be on alert. You should expect both in-person and mobile gambling, which allows for versatility and accessibility. New gamblers should also expect deals from internet providers such as FanDuel and DraftKings in order to secure your long term business. 

Most importantly, understand that sports gambling is ONLY fun if you are doing so responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem locate your local gambling anonymous, or call 1-800-Gamblers. 


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