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Taking an Inside Look at Potentially Loaded 2021 QB Class

Over the Next Seven days I will be breaking down some prospects that could potentially be there for the Chicago Bears in the 2021 NFL Draft.
All of the prospects that will be talked about this next week have all been evaluated by their 2019 college film. Rankings are all expected to change once the 2020 season is played but in the mean time lets have some fun with my #1 Quarterback option in the 2021 NFL Draft!
This is a no brainer in some peoples eyes as to who should/will be the first QB taken in next years draft. My film grades shaped out a tad different. Trey Lance QB North Dakota State. I would like to think that the success of Carson Wentz has eased some peoples minds in relation to picking a Division 1 FCS QB early in the draft, especially from the power house of North Dakota State. Wentz has had some issues staying healthy in the NFL and maybe that is a result of the “difference” in competition, but I like to always keep one thing in mind when watching film and that is “Judge the player off of their film, not off the jersey that they wear.” This statement rang extremely true during the scouting cycle this past year as people wanted to write off former Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa because “there has not been an Alabama QB who has went on to be successful in the NFL in a long time”. The jury is still out on Tua but I think it is safe to say that Carson Wentz, when healthy is easily one of the best QB’s in the entire league
To those of you reading this article, the fact that I have an FCS QB ranked as my #1 guy might not be alarming to you, the fact that I have him ranked ahead of….The Anointed One, Blonde Jesus, National Championship winning QB at Clemson University Trevor Lawrence, might have your head spinning just a tad. I promise you it is for good reason so just hang with me here.
As you can see by the graphic above, Lance is a solid 6’3 221lbs and moves like a running back. No, it is not a typo, he threw ZERO interceptions in 2019. That is one of the main reasons I have him ranked above Lawrence. I am implementing a new numerical grading system this year so it is hard to transfer grades to previous draft classes, but Lance has got to be one of the best QB’s I have ever evaluated. Watching his film, I was panicking figuring out what the hell is wrong with him? How has this guy not been lighting up social media and making a run for the title of QB1? My only 2 guesses are that it is because he is from an FCS program, and that he is only a Redshirt Freshman at NDSU.
Lance is undoubtable a competitor but lets talk about what made his film so jaw dropping. He has an extreme ability to run the football, whether that is on different option plays, scrambles, or improvisation he can flat out play ball. Lance had 169 rushing attempts in 2019 and ran for a whopping 1,100 yards and 14 touchdowns. He had an average of 6.5 yards per carry. He runs the ball tough, you are not going to bring him down with any arm tackles and frankly you might not even bring him down with a squared up tackle either. He has the ability to make you miss between the tackles and just find away to get an extra yard whenever necessary. One this that might make coaches scared of drafting him is just his toughness and aggressiveness when running the ball. In 2020 when you draft a QB in the first round, you do not really want to see him lower his shoulder consistently on NFL LB’s but that is exactly what Lance will do. He is going to have to be taught when to lower the shoulder and when to slide or just run out of bounds which is what I feel like has haunted Carson Wentz in his injury riddled career.
The most important part of being a QB is throwing the ball, Lance can do it, very well. Lance threw for 2,786 yards in 2019 with 28 touchdowns and ZERO interceptions. He had a completion percentage of 66.9% and a QB rating of 180.6. The reason he had to be #1 on my rankings was because his decision making is second to none. He had no throws that I seen that should have been picked off, or throws into double or triple coverage that forced the WR to bail him out. Lance played within the system at NDSU and did what he had to do to have success play after play which ultimately led them to a National Championship in 2019.
A few of Lance’s best traits are as mentioned, decision making, and his arm strength. Lance can throw a ball 60 yards without even breaking a sweat and his ability to throw on the run makes him almost impossible to stop. When scouting someone who just absolutely crushes every kind of trait grade, you sometimes find yourself in the position of forcing any sort of wrong doings on film. The reason Lance did not get a perfect grade was because he did have some overthrows on deep balls and some high thrown incompletions over the middle. His accuracy is not perfect but no prospect is. Lance is going into the 2020 college season with a chance to make a huge name for himself. He will be a Redshirt Sophomore in 2020 meaning he will be draft eligible. People have been saying that because of the strong QB class he will probably stay in school for another year, but if he has another season like he did in 2019….he has the chance to be the BEST QB in that strong QB class.
Final Evaluation Score for Trey Lance: 89.55
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