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Washington Capitals D Radko Gudas is not in favor of an NHL resuming season

For several weeks the NHL has been trying to calculate if there is a proper way to resume the 2019-’20 season. The league has been tossing the idea of a four-city hub to hold games to the most recent 24 team tournament.

But what are the player’s thoughts of returning to action without a vaccine or medical treatment for the global pandemic that has taken over the world?

Washington Capitals defenseman Radko Gudas voiced his concerns and admittedly stated he would not like to continue the season.

“I think we shouldn’t play when the whole world is canceling seasons,” he told Jimmy Murphy of  Gudas was speaking with the media during a golf charity event in the Czech Republic when he made his comments.

The defenseman went on to say,

“If one guy is infected, basically the whole league has it in a week, given how they are planning to have everyone play against everyone, one stupid stumble and you can cancel it all again.”

Gudas also is not fond of the idea of being quarantined in a hotel for up to three months away from his family. He feels the time away from family would potentially lead to depression.

Yet his most surprising comment was a surprising dig against the NHL when he used the league’s failure to participate in the Winter Olympics as a comparison to playing with he COVID-19 virus. The NHL stated they didn’t want NHL players to play in the Winter Olympics because of potential injuries.

“I think we shouldn’t play when the whole world is canceling seasons,” Gudas said. “Hockey would be the only team sport trying to power through it like this. They won’t let us go to the Olympics so we won’t get injured, but they want to keep the NHL season running in these times. If we kept playing, our sport would be swimming against the current a bit. Money is money, it’s what currently makes the world go round. It’s a bit sad that they are willing to risk the health of so many players for money.”

The eight-year veteran held nothing back as he let his feelings know that he is willing to let this season end unfinished to keep himself safe in a very unsettling time.

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