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What is the Future for Josh Rosen?

Josh Rosen
Lynne Sladky/ Associated Press

With the Miami Dolphins selecting Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, many people are wondering, “What will happen to Josh Rosen?”. As reports recently came in saying that the Dolphins did get calls regarding Rosen, Miami is not interested in trading him as of right now. Since Miami has received calls for Rosen, it is unlikely he will be released. Now the question is, will Rosen be traded or will Miami keep him on the roster?


This is the obvious choice, especially given Miami’s recent track record of trading anyone they can for picks. To some people, the question is not if Rosen will get traded, but what will he get traded for.


As said above, Miami loves draft picks. Last year Miami traded several players for draft picks and this could be the case for Rosen. How much Miami can get for Rosen depends how long they wait to trade him. If Miami traded Rosen now, they would more than likely get no better than a fifth-round pick. But, if Miami holds onto Rosen until training camp or even into the season, a team that suffers a quarterback injury (see: Pittsburgh Steelers in 2019) could get desperate and trade a third-round pick for Rosen.


Of course the other compensation Miami can receive for Rosen is a player. The most logical option player wise for Miami is to get an offensive or defensive lineman in return for Rosen. Having depth at either of those positions is a good idea especially due to Miami’s injury history. Miami could potentially be able to get a young developmental lineman in return for Rosen.


This may be an unpopular opinion, but do not rule it out. Ryan Fitzpatrick is 37 years old and Tua Tagoviloa has an injury history. Even though Miami is confident in Tua’s health, Miami could keep Rosen as a backup or even a future starter.

Future Starter

This may be the biggest reach in sports currently, but anything is possible. Rosen was a top ten draft pick just two years ago, but he has been put at a disadvantage throughout his career. He is now on his third offensive coordinator in three years and once again finds himself on a team that drafted a quarterback in the top five while he’s currently on the roster. If Rosen learned from Ryan Fitzpatrick last season and shows sparks during training camp and preseason, Rosen could fight for the starting job this year. If Rosen does get the starting job and performs well enough, Miami would have a big quarterback controversy on their hands.

Career Back-Up

Miami is known for having some of the better backup quarterbacks in the league. Before Rosen, Miami had Matt Moore as their backup. Having Rosen as a backup is not a bad idea if Miami is not fully sold on Tua’s health. And even if they are sold, keeping Rosen as his backup is still a good idea. The number of times a team’s starting quarterback has gone down and then the team collapsed is massive. If Miami wants to avoid that collapse, keeping Rosen could be their solution.

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