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What to Expect out of the Tight Ends in Houston

The Texans have been very smart in finding production at the tight end position. Owen Daniels was a fourth round pick and after his 7 year stint with the team it has been a constant shuffle of whatever the team can get at the position. C.J. Fiedorowicz showed potential, but his career was cut short by injuries. Last year was a great year for the tight ends in Houston. Darren Fells was the main source of production. He excelled in the redzone and was a reliable target for DeShaun Watson in ‘goal-to-go’ situations. He finished the season with 7 touchdowns, he never had more than three in his previous five seasons in the NFL. The tight end on the roster that excites me the most is Jordan Akins. Jordan Akins led the position with 418 yards last season as the backup tight end, but I am expecting a step up from him. He is a great  recieving tight end and has underrated speed in space.

Darren Fells was a great redzone target for us and was rewarded with a new three year contract, but one thing that he lacked was the ability to run good routes and operate in the open field. Often times he would be wide open underneath and would get only 5 or 6 yards when really if he had more speed and better vision he could have easily turned up the field for 10-15 yards. This is where I think the Texans need to utilize Jordan Akins more often. Akins has the ability to act as an extra receiver or blocker, whereas Darren Fells is more suited to short yardage situations and redzone play. Thus, I think Akins will be the starter this year.

  1. Jordan Akins
  2. Darren Fells
  3. Kahale Warring

The third, and final, tight end the Texans are expected to take onto the final roster is 2019 third round pick Kahale Warring. He is a pure receiving tight end. He is 6′ 5” with great hands and speed. His route running looked well developed in college, but injuries prevented him from seeing the field last year. He is not great as a blocker and that is not where he will improve anytime soon. His 4.67 40-yard-dash show is blazing speed for tight end as well. He is big play tight end that can operate as a wide receiver. I have truckloads of faith in Warring as a player and hope he can develop into a stud for the team, but he remains a project player that will stick around for what he can do, not what he can’t.

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