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Why the Browns Need to Sign Chubb and Garrett Sooner than Later

David Richard/AP

The Cleveland Browns are on the clock, but in the sense of having to sign two franchise players: running back Nick Chubb and defensive end Myles Garrett. The team has two seasons to figure out a deal to keep the two young franchise cornerstone players in Cleveland past the 2021 season, as Nick Chubb is set to be a free agent in 2022 after his rookie deal is done, while Garrett’s in his fifth-year player option. For the Browns, they need to sign these two guys sooner rather than later.

Nick Chubb

The Browns Pilsner have asked for a better running back to get in the 2018 draft after picking Nick Chubb in the second round. In two seasons, Nick Chubb has run for 2,490 yards with 16 rushing touchdowns, an average of eight touchdowns and almost 1,250 rushing yards a season. Last year, Chubb ran for 1,494 yards and eight touchdowns, which ranked second in rushing yards and T-8th in touchdowns according to Pro Football Focus.

Nick Chubb is a generational running back with elusiveness, speed, power, and hands. Essentially, he’s a multi-tool threat when it comes to being in the backfield. His current contract is the 40th best in the league, and 24th on the Browns alone according to Spotrac. Chubb is a player that could get possibly near the Christian McCaffrey (Four-years,$64M) area in contracts with the numbers he keeps putting up.

That is why the Browns need to sign him sooner than wait until he’s worth too much to keep. He deserves all the money in the world for sure, but to keep him and the rest of the core around for the Browns, they need to sign him while the iron is hot and they are able to stay flexible with the cap space. The Browns need to find that middle ground of paying him for what he is worth without going into an LA Rams situation where they have to take on dead cap to get rid of Todd Gurley. Essentially, Nick Chubb needs to be a Brown forever.

Myles Garrett

What else is there to say about Myles Garrett? Other than the fact that he could be the first $25M non-QB player, there isn’t much to say but a phenomenal and once-in-a-generation defensive end.

Joel Corry thinks that Garrett will be the first non-QB to make over $25M a season, and he’s spot on there. Despite playing in only 10 games last year, Garrett still managed to rack up 9.0 sacks, a very impressive feat. There was a chance he could have finished with 12-14 sacks last year. His final line was ranked T-21st by all defensive ends last year according to Pro Football Focus. He even had 15 solo tackles and four combined tackles last year to boot, forcing a fumble as well. Garrett is a guy that really no quarterback wants to deal with period.

Good news for Browns fans: Garrett is in talks with the Browns for a “mega-extension” which hopefully should be done within the next few weeks, all speculation but got to have some optimism.


There is absolutely no reason why the Browns cannot resign both Chubb and/or Garrett to stay in Cleveland. Any team would love to have two franchise-changing players on offense and defense. The Browns have an opportunity to have generational talents at the RB, and the DE positions for years to come.

The Browns are on the clock to extend these guys for the next two years. Let’s hope they get it done.

Zach Martin
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